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Wrinkle Filler

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin is the great part about growing older. The fine lines you begin to see on your skin are the less pleasing part.While daily applications of sunscreen and antioxidants can help you minimize the lines that show up, someone has yet to discover a way to get through the years without collecting a few along the journey. However, a little dermal deception with Wrinkle Filler can make those fine lines a little less conspicuous.

 Wrinkle Fillers rich botanical formula possesses intense moisture magnetism that can coax hydration into skin and lock it in. This clever trap creates a plumping effect that fills out saggy, dehydrated skin and gives it a firmer appearance. Just dab a little gel over trouble spots and this fine line fillers vitamin E, rice germ oil, aloe, and collagen go to work pumping skin full of hydration, inflating slack spots, and smoothing out the surface.

Then the added nutrients kick in: nourishing royal jelly feeds skin its regal goodness, while olive oil and ginseng provide their own down-to-earth variety. Reinforced with antioxidants, further wrinkling, crinkling, and creasing are staved off, and those fine lines on your face, temporarily smoothed over.


Wrinkle Filler
0.52 oz. Net wt.

After moisturizing, gently smooth a small amount onto wrinkle-prone areas. Let treatment set before applying makeup.