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Olive Leaf Series

make peace with your skin
If the quest for youth has led you to declare war on your skin, leaving a confused complexion ravaged by the wrong products, then it's time to call a truce.

DHC introduces its Olive Leaf series:
Olive Soap and Olive Leaf Lotion, Milk, and Cream. They're among our most sophisticated developments yet in radiance-enhancing skincare. At DHC, we've long believed in the power of the olive to beautify skin. It's the reason we based our entire line on beneficial virgin olive oil. Through extensive research at our labs in Japan, we have also discovered the remarkable power of the olive leaf.

Exceptionally rich in antioxidants, olive leaf extract helps protect your skin from the damaging oxidation of cells that can cause your skin to age before its time. It also contains the nutrient, coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10), a vitamin-like compound found naturally in the body. This potent antioxidant has become a highly popular nutritional supplement in the U.S. because it is a critical player in some of the body's most important functions, including energy production and delivery of oxygen to your cells. To the benefit of your skin, CoQ10 helps protect and nourish cells and boosts collagen for increased firmness and suppleness.

a fierce antioxidant and vitamin-rich cleanser
Olive Soap's bevy of botanicals, including virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract, equals a fierce antioxidant and vitamin-rich cleanser that's gentle on sensitive and dry complexions. Wash regularly with its generous lather and never again will skin have to feel tight after washing.

Olive Soap
Various Sizes
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perhaps the most hydrating toner of our collection
The rejuvenating properties of olive leaf extract join conditioners trehalose, serine, allantoin, and placental protein to refresh your skin after cleansing. Citric acid gently tightens your pores to keep out impurities and balances your pH for more comfortable, less aggravated skin. Perhaps the most hydrating toner of our collection.

Olive Leaf Lotion
4 fl. oz.

lightweight, milky, and abundantly emollient
If your complexion has been damaged by dry air, sun, or aging, then you've found a daytime moisturizer in new Olive Leaf Milk. Its light weight and milky texture belies the abundance of emollients in its formula, including sodium hyaluronate, aloe, and placental protein, to name just a few. Olive oil and olive leaf extract provide awesome antioxidant power to revitalize damaged skin.

Olive Leaf Milk
2.7 fl.oz.

a cream that gives your skin a protective moisture barrier
This rich moisturizer takes the power of the olive to the max with olive oil, olive leaf extract, and squalane (derived from the olive pit). Combined with a host of botanical ingredients, you get an intense conditioning cream that gives your skin a protective moisture barrier, keeps your turnover cycle on track, and helps you get a brighter and more luminous tone. Use day or night on especially dry skin.

Olive Leaf Cream
1.4 oz. Net wt.