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Cleansing Foam   TRUE COLORS
Don't blend in by having so-so skin. Harness the power of the chameleon plant to help clarify and refresh your complexion.

Ever heard of a Chinese lizard tail, a heartleaf or a fishwort? Even if you're not familiar with this botanical's many names, chances are you have encountered it somewhere. With multiple identities and reputations, the chameleon plant so called because of its brilliant leaf variation featuring intense colors of crimson, gold and green is a popular ornamental plant in many American and European gardens.

In Asian countries, however, it often grows wild and has long been considered more than just backyard eye candy. Known in Japan as dokudami and considered a superstar of Chinese herbal medicine. It is believed to have medicinal properties. Purported to help boost the immune system, its dried leaves are used by some to care for a host of disorders, from colds to hypertension.

You can enjoy the rejuvenating skincare benefits of the vibrant chameleon plant* (Houttuynia cordata) in DHC Cleansing Foam. Its special assets help you clarify, soothe and refresh your skin while gently removing blemish-causing impurities. This milky foam, gentle enough for everyday cleansing, features brightening extracts of Chinese peony root and the satsuma mandarin orange, and it doubles as an excellent shaving foam.
Cleansing Foam
Cleansing Foam
2.1 oz. Net wt.