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The good oil


Remember when you were a teenager and you had your first skincare lesson? Oil, you were told, is bad for you and makes you break out. But that oil myth has officially been debunked.

What’s so great about oil, you ask? Oil gives skin softness, elasticity, and protection from harmful impurities and irritants. But, as we age, our bodies produce less sebum, which results in dehydrated skin. So the question should be: Are we getting enough?

Not all olive oils are created equal, however. Our organic DHC Olive Virgin Oil undergoes a process that filters out pore-clogging residue, creating a product that’s appropriate even for blemish-prone complexions. Unlike some synthetic moisturizers, it allows skin to breathe and has the ability to form a moisture barrier and help keep skin hydrated.

Rich in age-fighting vitamins and antioxidants, our Olive Virgin Oil helps neutralize free radicals while nurturing and revitalizing skin.

Olive Virgin Oil
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