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Soap Star
Why just wash when DHC Q10 Body Soap thoroughly cleanses your body with an amazingly creamy lather? Age–defying coenzyme Q10, and hydrating botanicals, including refreshing aloe, help revitalize even UV–damaged skin by promoting hydration.

Q10 Body Soap
AHA Body Silker

New Skin
Your arms, legs, and torso will love conditioning DHC AHA Body Silker. With a 6% concentration of exfoiliating alphahydroxy acid*, it gently sloughs off dead skin cells that can dull your natural glow. Particularly rough patches, including heels, knees, and elbows, are left looking and feeling smoother.

Weather Or Not
Like it or not, people notice your hands. And they can give away someone's true age if not cared for—particularly in extreme weather. DHC AHA Hand Revitalizer boasts a skin–loving alphahydroxy acid* formula to help you gently soften.

AHA Hand Revitalizer