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Girls who wear glasses … 62% of you wear glasses all day, every day*

So, we thought we’d ask our spec-wearing customers:
What are your best makeup tips for bringing out your natural beauty beneath your lenses?

Real DHC customer Stacey Tunteri

Put it in neutral
"Plenty of mascara on your lashes and a nice neutral shadow on the upper lids."
—Barbara Piper Green

Eye Shadow Palette EX
0.22 oz. Net wt.
Eye Shadow Palette EX

Mind your mascara
"If you get ‘paw prints’ on your glasses from mascara, lightly dust some baby powder over your lashes before putting your glasses on."

Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

"Do your BROWS as well. Brows balance the face and give women much more definition and expression. Do not forget the brow makeup!"
—Donna J Gamache

Eyebrow Perfect Pro

Sorry, 771 is currently unavailable.

If you're far-sighted. "Not too much eye makeup, as the glasses magnify it and it can overpower the rest of your face! Go easy!" —Susan Headlee Tucker. If you're near-sighted. "Your glasses do not magnify. Yes to eyeliner!" —Anita Evans Fair