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The benefits and history of rice go deep.
Imagine going into your favorite boutique and plunking down several bags of rice in exchange for a pair of shoes. Believe it or not, transactions like this were a part of life in ancient Japan, where rice was once used as currency.

What gave this staple of the Far Eastern diet so much value? Among many things, its versatility. Then, as now, rice provided sustenance to the masses (even as drinks and desserts), and a multitude of other products as diverse and dissimilar as paper and skincare.

Rice germ oil is nutrient-rich and skin-beneficial.
DHC employs a form of this Japanese staple in several skincare formulations. We use Oryza sativa, or rice germ oil, because it's versatile and nutrient-rich. Neither too emollient nor too sticky, it can be good for almost any skin type from oily to dry. Rice germ oil comes from the outer brown layer of rice, known as rice bran. This bran accounts for more than 60% of the nutrients found in each kernel of rice, including vitamin F, vitamin E, oryzanol, and more. Together these compounds can smooth roughness, lock in moisture, and counteract free radicals that cause the signs of age.

Find rice germ oil in DHC Alpha-Arbutin White Milk, Alpha-Arbutin White Cream, Dual Defense SPF 25, Wrinkle Filler, and Eye Wrinkle Stick.