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Skincare info
Mary McKeonAmy's DHC skincare regimen. Skin type: dry.

Favorite DHC product
"DHC products make me feel like I'm
getting the best care at the best value."

Mild Touch Cleansing Oil
“Is gentle and I feel it really dissolves all the grime and stale makeup.”

Q10 Facial Film Soap
“It feels really fresh and it’s great when you’re traveling.”

CoQ10 Lotion
“It calms my skin, doesn’t dry it and seems to even out my skin tone.”

Olive Virgin Oil
“It’s so pure, I feel like I am feeding my skin all the good things it needs and nothing it doesn’t.”

Tourmaline Pack
“Actually makes my skin glimmer.”

Customer spotlight. Mary McKeon, 44, Charlestown, Pennsylvania, DHC customer since 2009.
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This court stenographer dazzles with her wide range of interests, including singing, cooking and geneaology: She's discovered that her lineage includes a nuclear physicist, an Oscar winner and even English royalty. With the diverse knowledge she's collected along the way, she says she would be a perfect Jeopardy! contestant, but we think she's also a gorgeous DHC Customer Spotlight.

Healthy routine
I drink a lot of water all day long, avoid smoking and alcohol, get lots of sleep, exercise every day at home with some yoga postures, sit-ups and push-ups—I simply make time for it, no excuses! I also love hiking.

Best hike
The Pinnacle, part of the Appalachian Trail: We hiked over a field of “ringing rocks” up to the top and found a natural spring gushing forth fresh, cold water. We filled our jugs, built a fire, grilled steak, baked potatoes and slept overnight in tents.

Most-loved recipe
A southern specialty called Barbecued Shrimp. It has nothing to do with barbecue sauce, but it’s spicy, creamy and tangy with tomatoes and green onions—so satisfying.

Cooking with Núñez de Prado
I primarily use it to make Paula Deen’s Greek Dressing recipe.

Beauty icons
My grandmothers both had beautiful complexions their whole lives: One made sure to use creams and lotions on her face every day. The other never left the house without a hat. They both always made time for lipstick, perfume and hand cream, no matter how busy they became.

All-time favorite beauty look
Princess Diana on her wedding day. No one else even comes close.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
Don’t be afraid of silence. Exercise at home alone and allow your mind to drift, breathe deeply, make it an experience for your emotions as well as your body. Ask yourself if you’re on track with your dreams. If not, why?

Keep reading to discover how a personal heartbreak inspired Mary to take singing lessons

Becoming a court stenographer
One Sunday afternoon, when I was a senior in high school, my mom saw an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer headlined “Court reporters quietly finding jobs aplenty,” handed it to me and said, “I always thought you would be good at something like this.” I had won a county-wide typing contest in ninth grade and came in 12th in a multi-state typing contest that same year. After my grandmother died, I was shocked to discover a gold medal she had won for perfect stenography in high school! She did pen shorthand, and I use the machine like you see on television, but it was funny to learn that.

Ideal dinner date
My son appreciates my food so much, which is nice. He’s a guy, so what else but steak, right? But I serve it with a compound butter I make with butter, lemon juice, dried thyme leaves, Dijon mustard, Colman’s mustard powder.

On taking singing lessons
A man I loved dearly married someone else. The morning after the wedding, staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, I thought, well, the worst has happened and I’m still here. What else am I afraid of? Singing in front of a group of people, or even singing at all, terrified me. But I got out of bed, grabbed the Yellow Pages and looked up music schools and made an appointment right on the spot for lessons. I thought whatever happened I was no longer afraid. There’s a Wynonna Judd song that goes, “A dead-end street is just a place to turn around.” And singing has provided me with immeasurable joy, poise and confidence.

Favorite song to sing
“Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera because it has lots of room for expression and goes well with my voice.

Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

Sorry, 3652 is currently unavailable.

Q10 Facial Film Soap

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CoQ10 Lotion
CoQ10 Lotion
Various Sizes
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Olive Virgin Oil
Olive Virgin Oil
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Tourmaline Pack
Tourmaline Pack
3.5 oz. Net wt.

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