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Skincare info

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I love, love DHC products! After a myriad of department store name brand products. I have returned to DHC. From skincare to sunscreen, DHC is the winner. I resolve to never again stray! Pure Soap, Olive Oil, eye care and sunscreens are my favorites.

Laura Z. Aipia, Age 39, Wrightwood, CA

I am a fan of your Mild Soap also Mild Lotion- it’s the best toner for my skin. I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after using products! I love the free samples!!! I love your great Customer Care and tell my family and friends about DHC too! I like having a simple beauty routine and I can get that through DHC. Thanks!!!

Catherine Cunningham, Age 38, Grand Island, NY

The quality of DHC products is unsurpassed! And the selection of items offered is outstanding! There is something for every skin care type and/or skin care need. I use MANY items from the DHC line and I honestly love them all. My skin is clear and radiant and my hair looks great too! Great service and great products = great results! DON’T hesitate, order NOW!

Kathleen Ostrowski, Age 29, Lancaster, NY

DHC has been a rare find! I had struggled with adult acne for about eight years, exhausting anything and everything I could think of to get rid of it. When I received samples of the Olive Essentials Set three years ago, I figured I better try them because my face could not get any worse! I actually shuddered when I thought about putting oil on my face. DHC is helping now to reverse years of scarring from picking at blemishes. It’s great to go out in public without wanting to hide!

Suzy Poulson, Age 39, Montpelier, ID

I am in love with DHC skin care products. I have VERY fair skin that is VERY sensitive. I have VERY fair skin that is VERY sensitive. I have found relief in Seaweed Concentrate. Not all DHC products work for me, but with samples and the return policy I have found the right products for me. The more I try the more I love. I love getting the catalog with samples every month… keep it coming!

Joanne Martin, Age 29, Aurora, CO

My skin loves your moisturizers! I have tried so many lotions and creams but most have perfumes in the formula. Your skin lotions have just the right ingredients—without heavy perfumes. Thank you for perfectly beautiful products.

Melanie Conyers, Age Nearly 69, Cambridge City, IN

I love the Acerola Set! It makes my skin thrive! Not only are the DHC face products amazing—the baby products work wonders as well. At this rate my seven-month-old will have soft and amazing skin forever! Thanks DHC!

Stefanie Biggs, Age 23, Newport, NC

DHC I'm in love with Extra Concentrate. I swear you can see results immediately!! Another all time fave is the Lip Cream. I recently ordered Moisture Care Lip Gloss with the collagen and my lips literally are more plump and fuller. Thanks for making such fantastic products!

Becky Parker, Age 35, Mountain Grove, MO