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Smooth things out

Recharge your body and spirit
In today's multitasking, multideadline world, all of us at one time or another feel a little frazzled and fed up with the chaos. Even with the best intentions, your to-do list can suddenly seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help keep you going when the going gets tough.

Fuel up
Food equals energyits as simple as that. Try to eat fresh whole foods that are in as natural a state as possible. Dont know what to choose? You cant go wrong with vibrantly colored fruits and veggies. Many of those with the brightest hueslike tomatoes, broccoli, and berrieshave the best nutritional benefits.

Stress less
Its easy to say, but hard to manage. Stress takes a toll on your health, so try to do what you can to minimize it. Some great places to start: Utilize time-honored breathing and stretching techniques to make you feel more balanced. And dont discount the endorphin rush a good workout can provide. Why not indulge in a soothing bathtub soak, call up an old friend, or buy yourself fresh flowers for no reason at all? Taking the edge off always benefits you in the end.

Stay inspired
Even if your body is able to relax, sometimes its hard to calm your racing mind. Focus on the positive aspects of your life and visit a place that recharges you, be it your favorite forest path or a world-class museum. Embrace the varied richness of your life and the opportunities it affords you to be both compassionate and productive.

Vitamin C Essence

Feel beautiful
Anti-aging wonders like DHC Vitamin C Essence can be just the thing you need to feel your most beautiful. This intensely concentrated serumour most powerful vitamin C treatmenthelps you achieve a more youthful-looking appearance by promoting cell turnover, thereby making fine lines less visible and your complexion more radiant. Its all about feeling good about yourself and taking the time to invest in a future of beautiful skin.

Vitamin C Essence
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