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Be sure to add more of this healthy grain to your diet and your skincare routine.

Heart smart
More than just a scrumptious staple of your morning cereal, this humble grain—once assumed to be a useless weed—packs a powerful nutritious wallop. Oats are a wonderful source of manganese, selenium, vitamin E, and B-complex vitamins. Oat fiber—proven to lower cholesterol—may also reduce the risk of heart disease and adult-onset diabetes. Today, with cardiovascular disease on the rise, take time to fortify your diet with oat products. Try steel-cut oatmeal if you haven't already. It takes longer to cook, but the added taste and texture will reward you for your patience. With so many oat products on the market, the question arises: Which one to try first?

Steel-cut, Irish, or Scottish oats
These oats have a fairly long cooking time (30-40 minutes), but have a delicious taste and dense, chewy texture.

Old-fashioned or rolled oats
Heated and pressed flat to cook more rapidly, rolled oats are another flavorful option.

Quick oats
Sliced before steaming and pressing, quick oats cook very rapidly and are often used in baking.

Oat bran
A good choice, oat bran is created from the outer layer of the oat kernel, which is high in soluble fiber.

Instant oats
Precooked and pressed very thin, the "just add water" variety is convenient, but often has added salt and flavorings.


Skincare rewards
Oats are chock full of beauty benefits, too. Oats calm skin aggravated by environmental influences, support cell rejuvenation, restore moisture balance, and help prevent further UV-related damage. You can enjoy the soothing effects of oat (Avena sativa) extract and begin to fight fine lines and wrinkles with DHC Extra Concentrate, also fortified with firming and plumping collagen.

Extra Concentrate
0.2 fl. oz. x 5