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Skincare info
Medal in makeup removal
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is the champion at removing makeup, grease, dirt, sunscreen and even patriotic body paint! Keep yours on hand this summer for the ultimate in a clean complexion.

Continue reading for a light summer recipe, the best hot-weather hair tips and a “royal” ingredient for softer skin.

Your friends at DHC
Deep Cleansing Oil
Beauty at work: DHC staff
  Beauty by the numbers
Mei Zhang Mei Zhang
As a DHC Senior Staff Accountant, Mei analyzes numbers and prepares reports.

Interests and hobbies
Yoga, reading, learning and hanging out with my grandma. She came from China to visit my family for one year. She is really brave. Even though she doesn’t speak English, she learned to ride the bus and has made a few
friends. I’m trying to learn more traditional cooking from her. I hope by the time she leaves, I can make good soup and dumplings.

Her DHC favorites
Concentrated Eye Cream: "My huge dark circles are less noticeable since I started using it."
Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest: "It adds a lot of flavor to my salad dressings and stir fried noodles. (OK, I will come clean: My husband does most of the cooking and he really likes using this olive oil.)"
Skin care
Royal (jelly) welcome Bee
Queen Elizabeth II helped welcome the world to London during the opening ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Another queen to keep in mind? The one who thrives on royal jelly extract. This highly nutritive substance is produced by worker bees and used exclusively by the hive to nourish the queen bee. In skincare, it is highly moisturizing and revitalizing. Try these DHC products featuring royal jelly extract:
Skin Softener
Boost skin’s natural moisture barrier with this lush toner.
Emollient Balm
Lightweight, fast-absorbing moisture.
Rich Moisture
A DHC customer favorite for daytime moisture.
Skin Softener, Emollient Balm, Rich Moisture
Customer Spotlight: Extra
Jade Pilanun, 53 Potomac, Maryland. DHC Customer since 2007

You might consider Jade a citizen of the world. Originally from Thailand, she now lives outside of Washington, D.C., working for a major world organization, surrounded by colleagues from around the globe. Her favorite pastime? Swimming.

“As a swimmer, I like using Light & Smooth Shampoo to help remove the chlorine from my hair after each swim. I pair it with After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion. I like the light, herbal scent of these products.”
Jade Pilanun
Light & Smooth Shampoo, After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion. This duo is as important as my swim cap and goggles. I don't go swimming without them.
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Beauty Tip
3 must‐try summer hair tips:
1. “Apply After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion to
color-treated hair before jumping into a chlorine-treated pool,” suggests Cindy, DHC Beauty Consultant. She adds, “You can achieve ‘surf hair’ by spraying new Hair Curl Mist on damp hair and scrunching it before hitting the beach. It offers an ever‐so- light hold to your hair and, of course, the silk proteins and ceramide will keep hair conditioned and soft.”
2. Summer hair styles should be simple. Style with ease and top with a chic hat for added UV protection.
3.“Wear a messy bun–it looks cute and will keep you cool.” -Peggy, DHC Beauty Consultant.

Want more beauty tips? We update daily at our blog, Glam à la Carte,
Best brunch
Perfect for summer brunch or a light supper, serve this delightfully crisp Quinoa and Sweet Potato Pancake with a flip of smoked salmon and a dollop of crème fraiche.
Cool summer lunch
Try this go-to meal: Top a DHC Quinoa Bowl with freshly sliced peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. If you like, add chickpeas, your favorite cheese and a splash of vinaigrette for an easygoing summer salad.

One Quinoa Bowl contains 25% of the FDA’s daily value for iron.
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