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"Q" gorgeous eyes Hello,
Your eyes are the window to your soul—and true age. No need to put up blinders,
though, with our newest age-defier, CoQ10 Eye Cream. It’s got 10X more firming coenzyme Q10, plus shea butter, another super-luxurious ingredient. Keep reading
to take a peek at more beauty tips for your most soulful asset.

Your friends at DHC

CoQ10 Eye Cream
Beauty at work: DHC staff
Beauty smarts
Cindy Beadle Cindy Beadle
Beauty Consultant
Cindy assists customers who need guidance regarding products and skincare. “Questions can range anywhere from how to properly use a product to what the ingredients are in them. Because everyone’s skin type is unique, my job is different every day,” she says.

Hobbies and interests
“In my free time I enjoy spending time with my
daughters (including jumping on the trampoline and dancing foolishly around the kitchen to our favorite music), watching hockey with my hubby and playing word games.”

Her DHC favorites
Deep Cleansing Oil is the only product that totally erases makeup, and I should know because I wear a lot of it. I have noticed a huge improvement in my pores since using it consistently.
Velvet Skin Coat simply wonderful. Won’t apply makeup without it. Creates the perfect canvas for creative makeup! Minimizes appearance of large pores and feels luxurious.
NEW Face Color Palette in Highlighter is just awesome! I love that it is beigey white, not stark white. No dry look and there is a realistic highlight without blingy shimmer.

PLUS: Keep up with Cindy’s fabulously practical beauty tips on DHC’s blog, Glam à la Carte.

Skincare Savvy
Do I need an eye cream?Eye creams are formulated differently from moisturizers intended for the rest of your face and your neck. Because the eye area has no oil glands, it can dry out easily and often benefits from more emollient ingredients. Plus, if you’re using an age-defying routine on the rest of your face, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing an eye cream that will be gentler on the delicate skin there.
Shea butter
Shea butter

You might avoid butter on your baked potato, but you can indulge your eyes all you like with luxuriously rich shea butter, now in NEW CoQ10 Eye Cream, featuring a decadently creamy revamped formula. Shea butter, gathered from the nut of the karité tree throughout west Africa, has been used for centuries as a food, folk medicine and even cosmetic—there are reports that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used it. This lipid helps to seal in moisture so your skin is soft and smooth. Since it is an emollient, it’s well-suited to the eye area, which easily dehydrates.

Customer Spotlight: Extra
Angie Spencer, 32. Sikeston, Missouri. DHC Customer since 2007Each week, Angie Spencer and her husband inspire potential marathoners with their energizing podcast on their site, Marathon Training Academy. Planning to run one this year? Get started with Angie’s tips.

How to start?
Build a solid running base where you can run 3–5 miles at least 3 times per week for around 6 months. At that point you’re ready to start either a half or full marathon training plan.

Believe that you can do it and start taking steps today to fulfill your goal.
Angie Spencer, 32
What is the most common question you receive?
It’s probably a tie between “How do I find the time to train for a marathon?”and “How do I train correctly and avoid injury?”

Find the answers to these questions on Angie’s site:
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Beauty Tip
Wear glasses?
More than 60% of our customers say they do. Bring out your eyes by adding a pop of highlighter to the inner corner of your eye and the brow bone. If you have colored frames, stick to a neutral palette. The perfect fit? NEW Eye Shadow Palette EX in Alluring Amber, which has enticing neutral shadows and a creamy treatment base that’s genius for highlighting. For more tips, click here.
Eye Shadow Palette EX in Alluring Amber

Keep the good times

This New Orleans-inspired gumbo will give you a boost of goodwill when you serve it with a side of GABA-rich Germinated Brown Rice. GABA, or gamma aminobutyric acid, promotes a sense of well being.

Beauty Bonus
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DHC birthday surprise?

Tell us your birthday (we promise we won’t give away your age!) and get a great birthday surprise.