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DHC BeautyClick. Your connection to a lovely lifestyle.
It's a beautiful new year! Hello,
A new year means new products here at DHC. We're excited to show you all of our latest launches—and give you insider advice on how to use them. Explore our new, botanically inspired makeup here.

Here's to getting glamorous!
Your friends at DHC
Beauty at work: DHC staff
Team player
Cassandra Ramirez Cassandra shows how easy it is to wear new Eye Shadow Palette EX in Enchanted Violet in this video makeup tutorial. Cassandra Ramirez
DHC USA Marketing Assistant
Cassandra supports the marketing department and helps coordinate the catalogs by booking the models and assisting at the photo shoots.

Hobbies and interests
Cassandra's adventurous spirit includes a love for travel and learning about other cultures. She also appreciates keeping in touch with nature's beauty through camping, whitewater rafting and skydiving.

Her DHC favorites
Velvet Skin Coat Cassandra loves wearing makeup, but hates when it smears or creases. This primer helps even skin's texture for flawless coverage that lasts.
Olive Virgin Oil "This moisturizer literally quenches my complexion's thirst, which runs a little on the dry side. I even apply a thin layer over my cuticles to give my hands that freshly manicured look."
Big in Japan
From the second you step off the plane at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, DHC has a presence: We have a strong following in the United States, but in Japan, DHC is everywhere. Get a taste of Tokyo from seasoned travelers DHC USA President Gary Gauntt and Product Localization Specialist Aki Kanematsu: They share highlights from their recent trip to DHC headquarters in Tokyo.Luggage carts at the airport are emblazoned with the DHC logo. Filling samples at the DHC factory. A DHC retail store in Tokyo. A DHC retail employee at work.
DHC Japan stats
No. 1 direct beauty company in Japan
One of top five largest Japanese beauty companies
180 independent retail stores in Japan
32,000 convenience stores
DHC at 7-Eleven
In Japan, convenience stores, or combini, as they are called, are a vital part of life. In Tokyo, people may visit a convenience store more than once a day to pick up a snack, pay bills, ship luggage—and buy DHC! "They are truly convenient," says Gary.
Dining out
On a special night out, Gary and Aki joined their colleagues at DHC Japan at a restaurant serving fugu, or blowfish. What does it taste like? When talking about Japanese food, Gary says, "I always find that to be the most difficult question. It's impossible to say because there's nothing to compare it to."
Traveling to Japan?
For first-time Western visitors, Japan can be daunting. Aki suggests traveling with a friend who is familiar with the country. Gary says there's nothing wrong with just getting out and exploring in a spirit of adventure.
For lunch at DHC headquarters, beautiful bento boxes are served.This platter offers thinly sliced fugu, blowfish sashimi.
Customer Spotlight: Extra
Irene Lindquist, 52. Moose Pass, Alaska, DHC Customer since 2005.This forestry technician knows a thing or two about how to thrive in bitter cold temps and snow—Olive Virgin Oil, for one!Is it cold where you live? Irene Lindquist
Irene shares her tips for warming up a chilly winter:
Get some cute gear
Manufacturers have figured out there is a huge market in making women-specific gear/clothing.
Get outside
I regularly snowshoe, ski (both ski skating and cross country), snowboard and ice skate.
Get together with friends
Have hobbies you enjoy doing indoors.
Irene's daughter Ruby helped her look her best at the shoot, weighing in on styling decisions!
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Glam à la Carte
Our new DHC beauty blog features tips and tricks from insiders. Get your daily taste of beauty and lifestyle from DHC.
Beauty Tip
Rule of "3"
What does the number 3 have to do with applying blush? Watch makeup artist Adam Fleischhauer's video tutorial and see.
Tasty … surprise!
Some people automatically associate the word vegan with "flavorless." Or worse: Tastes like (eek!) cardboard. Vegan baking has actually come a long way, and this month's Vegan Banana & Blueberry Muffins recipe, featuring our award-winning Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil, proves you can make moist, decadent brunch treats without using dairy products. These delicious muffins will make any skeptic eat his words. And more than likely, a second muffin!
Focus On
Oat (Avena sativa) kernel extract
Have you ever dumped a cup of oats into a bath to calm irritated skin? If so, you're familiar with the soothing effects of oat kernel extract. This skin conditioning ingredient also has a plumping effect, thanks to its moisturizing veil. It can be found in several DHC makeup products, including new Eye Shadow Palette EX.
Eye Shadow Palette EX